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Petition to cancel government order to block SIM cards of non-petitioners.

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ISLAMABAD: The government has filed a separate petition in the Islamabad High Court. To cancel the ban on blocking mobile SIM cards of non-files.

Attorney General Mansour Usman Awan reached the Islamabad High Court seeking the injunction issued by the court. In order to prevent the government from blocking mobile phone SIM cards of non-document filers.

Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Justice Aamir Farooq heard the government’s request to revoke the ban. The Attorney General requested to cancel the ban on blocking mobile SIM cards.

The Chief Justice noted that there was a media request that the order notified earlier was not so.

During the trial The Attorney General informed the court that Section 144 provides complete answers regarding taxes. People with low incomes definitely won’t apply. Be clear about the NTN number.

The Chief Justice said that ordinary workers involved in the tax net who have booths are clearly not included. The Attorney General replied that of course he would not notice. On this occasion, the Attorney General also discussed various cases. related to taxes as well

The Chief Justice observed that the FBR feared that it would drag everyone into its loop. Now everyone goes and says it’s not like that. Now who goes to FBR, no role control is required. Let us know your request.

The Chief Justice said that without taxpayers What if his son or daughter uses a SIM card in his name? What will a working poor person who has not registered himself do?

The attorney general said he would not send notices to any poor people. We will be issuing notices to non-filers from November 2023 onwards. If an individual submits a reply after the notice is issued or otherwise satisfies the FBR, the FBR will be restored. The Attorney General asked for the date to be the 22nd or 23rd of next week.

The court while issuing a miscellaneous notice challenging a private company’s petition regarding SIM blocking said the main case was resolved on the 27th.

The chief justice said the court had not stopped blocking Sims. It only operates with private companies. Later, the court announced various requests from the government and asked for answers by 22 May.

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