Pierrette Bouford: Police reopen 1997 cold case of missing Quebec woman, set up command post IG News

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Police in the Quebec City area are reopening the cold case of a woman who went missing in the late ’90s and are setting up a command post in Laval, Que.

Pierrette Bouford was last seen on January 9, 1997, in the Saint-Romould sector of Lewis, Que.

Lewis police said Tuesday that information recently received from the Laval Police Service “allowed the file to be reopened.”

Police said in a news release, “According to this information, a woman matching the description of the missing person was seen between 2016 and 2019 by an employee at Citi de la Sante in Laval, who is also part of the missing person’s family.” Is.” release.

The Laval Police is setting up a command post at the Cité de la Sante hospital in Laval at 1755 Boulevard. René-Lennec on Wednesdays from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. in hopes of solving the case.

The police also released a facial composite of the missing woman in her 40s on Tuesday. She is now 66 years old.

Buford is described by police as a white female with blue eyes, brown, wavy hair, with “good” teeth, five feet four inches tall and weighing approximately 142 pounds. He was wearing tall black or brown leather boots and a blue nylon coat.

Anyone with information regarding Buford’s whereabouts is invited to meet with investigators at the site. They can also contact police at 418-832-2911 or through a confidential line at 418-835-5436.


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