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Pindam Movie: ‘Pindam’ Shakes With Fear In OTT.. Stream Date Fix.. When To Go.. – Telugu News | Pindam OTT movie streaming date is fixed in Aha telugu cinema news IG News


Last year’s movie ‘Pindam’, which terrified the audience in cinemas, has the tagline ‘The Scariest Movie Ever’. Directed by Sai Kiran, this movie released on 15th December and was a no brainer. Starring Sriram, Avarasala Srinivas, Ravi Varma, Khushi Ravi and Eswari Rao, the film received positive response. This movie seems to be the best horror movie to be released in 2023. But the makers have created curiosity about the movie with various promotions before the release. The makers have warned pregnant women and children not to watch this film before its release. Do you doubt that this movie will be so terrible?.. So what will this horror movie be like? Interest began among the audience. With this, the film got a good response in the cinema. But the audience is eagerly waiting to see if this movie will be released in OTT. The last OTT streaming date of this movie has been fixed in this order. This matter has been officially announced by the concerned OTT platform. Do you think it will be available in any OTT?.. But we need to know the details.

It has been officially announced that the film will be aired from February 2nd on the popular OTT platform Aaha. Based on a true incident in Nalgonda district, this film was made by weaving a fictional story around it. Khushi Ravi, who came close to the Telugu audience with ‘Diya’, played the lead role in the film.

Speaking of the fetus story..

Annamma (Eswari Rao) helps many people with tantric knowledge imparted by her father. Frees those possessed by spirits. In this sequence, Lok Nath (Avasala Srinivas), who is researching tantric powers, comes to Annamma. Annamma tells him about an incident in the 1990s. This is the story of the Anthony family. Anthony (Sreeram), who works as an accountant in a rice mill, moves to a house at the end of the village with his wife Mary (Khushi Ravi), children Sophie and Tara. But the ghosts in the house trouble Anthony’s family. They contain everyone except Mary, who is pregnant. The ghosts never leave them wherever they go. In the end, how was Anthony’s family freed from these ghosts?.. Who are these ghosts?..What happened in that house? is a story about a ‘foetus’.

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