PM Modi again ran away from answering on Adani, Rahul Gandhi said – he is protecting his industrialist friend IG News

PM is protecting his industrialist friend- Rahul Gandhi

Talking to the media after Prime Minister Modi’s address in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi talked a lot in his speech but did not answer a single question related to Adani. PM Modi is protecting his industrialist friend. It is a matter of national security of the country, it is a matter of infrastructure. PM should say that we are investigating.

Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi, who reached the Parliament, asked in front of the media why the words of his yesterday’s speech were expunged from the records of the Parliament. He then tweeted part of his Tuesday speech and wrote, “Prime Minister, you cannot silence the voice of democracy. The people of India are asking you a direct question. Answer.”


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