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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 28 August distributed 51,000 appointment letters to newly recruited people in government departments and organizations under the Rozgar Mela through video conferencing. PM Modi called the recruits ‘Amrit Rakshak’. For a few days, PM Modi is continuously distributing appointment letters through employment fairs. It seems as if PM Modi is taking a new initiative in providing employment in India and unemployment will end from the country. But the reality is opposite.

The data on the appointment letters distributed by PM Modi so far shows that not all the people who received appointment letters in the job fair programs were new job takers. The methodology was carefully chosen to ensure maximum publicity of the job fairs. Despite all the claims, the central government has miserably failed to create a large number of jobs. While the sound is coming out from such programs that PM Modi is distributing employment.

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The Telegraph has published a report based on information obtained through RTI. As per the information in this report, appointments to higher positions through promotions are also included in the employment data. Appointment letters involving government departments and autonomous bodies are distributed at job fair events addressed by Prime Minister Modi. The events are held in 45 cities. But the Center is trying to create an impression that all such appointments are fresh recruitments.

A media release issued by the government-run Press Information Bureau (PIB) on April 13, 2023 said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the National Job Fair today (April 13) through video conferencing. He distributed around 71,000 appointment letters to newly appointed recruits in various government departments and organizations. It is clear from this media release of PIB that what is the intention of the government. In the media release issued after each round of job fairs, the letter recipients are referred to as newly hired or newly inducted recruiters.

The Telegraph requested the Union Ministry of Education under RTI to provide data on new and promotional appointments made under each round of job fairs to be held once a month from October 2022. Some central educational institutions have provided separate data on new appointments and promotions.

According to data provided by the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Mohali, in April this year the institute made 15 new appointments and approved 21 promotions. Letters were issued to the candidates during the job fair events. The Maulana Azad National Urdu University, in its reply in April, said that appointment letters had been issued to 38 people. 38 includes 18 promotion cases.

The Telegraph sent an email to Union Higher Education Secretary Sanjay Murthy to understand the rationale for including promotions in employment data. But it is going to be a week, waiting for their reply. An IIT faculty member said that new appointments should ideally mean new appointments to the job pool. He said that “the people getting promotions are already in service. Only their position changes. There is no logic to consider them as new employment. The inclusion of promotion data helps the government to maintain some records but is misleading.” On the contrary, PIB’s media release is including those who get promotions in the figure of newly employed people.

For job fairs, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has prepared a detailed protocol for job fairs. That protocol is implemented every time in the employment fair. Like the DoPT had ordered for the job fair on 13 April 2023 – Prime Minister will address the job fair through video conference at 10.30 am. All the invitees including candidates have to report at the venue 90 minutes before the scheduled time by 9.00 am. The protocol states that post-event publicity should be coordinated with the local Doordarshan station, All India Radio and PIB. It added that arrangements should be made for live telecast of the Prime Minister’s address on giant screens commensurate with the capacity of the local venue. The program should start at 9.45 am at the venue. The designated dignitary should be welcomed and fillers should be played on screen at national major events until the Prime Minister joins the events via video. The dignitaries will physically hand over the appointment orders to at least 25 candidates. “Arrangements should be made to take photographs with the dignitaries and to take sound bytes from the newly appointed appointees,” said protocol after the event.

The protocol states that while recording the bytes of newly recruited candidates, they should be asked to mention their name and designation and give a message about their expected role. It should be recorded in high resolution. Selfie points may be established and photographs of the candidates along with their names and designations may be entered through the selfie cutouts. Group photographs of the candidates receiving the appointment letters should be taken after the letters are distributed. The protocol states that the entire footage/recording should be described site-wise and handed over to DoPT through hard drive and Google Drive.

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It is clear from this protocol itself that the aim of the central government is to promote the government through these job fairs. With this, the image of PM Modi will also be presented in a grand manner. Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh on Monday launched a fierce attack on the central government on this issue. Jairam Ramesh said- after failing to fulfill his promise of providing 2 crore jobs every year. After destroying the MSME sector with demonetisation, ill-designed GST and sudden lockdown without any preparation. After betraying the hope and aspiration of the youth for more than 9 years, the Prime Minister is in an awkward position in an election year. To save his deteriorating image, he has come up with one of the biggest jumlas – PM Rozgar Mela.

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh presented it in series of points. He said- 1. The jobs that are being found in the job fairs are being found on already approved posts, which were not filled for years due to administrative or financial reasons. 2. Appointment letters are being distributed by the Prime Minister even in a large number of promotion cases. 3. What is happening through these fairs is the personal use of the government. It is being shown as if these routine jobs are being given because of the Prime Minister. While in fact it is not so. Job creation comes from economic growth, which requires a lot of investment. The Prime Minister’s Employment Fair is just a gimmick. This is yet another proof of boundless and unparalleled arrogance, vanity, self-obsession as well as a refusal to accept responsibility for the grim state of unemployment.