pmk chief ramadoss chennai rain accelerate rainwater canal construction work / IG News

pmk chief ramadoss chennai rain accelerate rainwater canal construction work /

Pamaka founder Ramdas said that Chennai should not be submerged again and work on the sluggish rainwater canal should be expedited.

According to a statement issued by Ramdas, various parts of the city were submerged several times during the northeast monsoon last year, and the atrocities suffered by the people of Chennai were unforgettable. Although work on the construction of a rainwater canal in Chennai has been started to prevent such a situation from recurring, there is a risk of flooding in Chennai due to sluggish work.

Flood protection works in Chennai are being carried out in various phases based on a report by a team led by Tirupugal, a retired Indian civil servant and disaster management expert, on measures to be taken to prevent rainwater stagnation in Chennai. However, it is a matter of concern that no significant progress has been made in that regard.

120 crore has been contracted for these works in 3 zones of Chennai Anna Nagar, Kodambakkam and Adyar. However, only 10% to 30% of the work has been completed in each area. None of these tasks can be completed before the start of the Northeast monsoon in October if work is carried out at the same pace. For example in Chennai Ashoknagar 18th studio even 10% of the work could not be done. The deadline for completion of work in the area is November. With the onset of monsoon in October and the completion of drainage works in November, how can the area be kept afloat? But the field situation is that the works will not be completed even by November.

The worst affected area last year was KK Nagar Rajamannar Road. The water was so high that vehicles could sink there. A contract has been awarded to construct stormwater drains in the area at a cost of Rs 28.17 crore. However, work has not yet begun. With the entire traffic diverted on that road due to the construction of the Metro Rail, work cannot begin there immediately; It is also not possible to prevent the area from sinking during the rainy season if the works are not carried out. In such an environment you should consult with experts and devise any special plan. However, the Chennai Corporation does not appear to be making any such efforts. This negligence can have serious consequences.

This is the situation in most parts of the state including Thiyagarayanagar, Alwarpet, North Chennai and Central Chennai. Work on the Kosasthalaiyaru drainage area is at a similar pace. There has been no progress in Chief Minister MK Stalin’s repeated face-to-face inspections of the construction of storm water drains. The reason for the delay in work is that the number of employees is not involved in the number specified in the contract terms. The bitter truth is that not even 50% of the staff is engaged to the extent agreed upon anywhere where rainwater drains are installed.

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If the work is not completed in a maximum of 4 months, Chennai will face severe floods and misery this year as well. Therefore, the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Corporation of Chennai should pay more attention to this matter. The Government of Tamil Nadu should ensure that the agreed number of staff is assigned to all the works and that the work is completed before the monsoon. Senior IAS for each zone where rainwater drainage works are carried out. In his statement, Ramdas said that the Tamil Nadu government should expedite the drainage works by appointing an officer in charge.

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