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Some police are behaving badly towards the people. They are the ones who have to protect the people .. they are causing trouble to the people. In some places women who come to police stations to make complaints are sexually harassed. If their wish is granted .. they will be kept in cases .. they are threatening. Elsewhere, police are raping women at the station. There have been many similar incidents in the past. Now another policeman behaved rudely towards the woman. The incident came to light.

Full details .. A tragic incident took place in Punjab. Hitesh Kumar (24) went out with his wife. After that .. going home. Then the police (Police harassment) are checking the vehicles. They were spotted by police. Stopped the bike. Asked to show documents. While Hitesh was showing the documents .. SI spoke vulgarly towards them. After that .. he got into an argument. The woman was scared and called her relatives.

With this they got there. In this order there was a commotion. Sub-Inspector Balwinder Singh behaved rudely towards the woman. Apart from that .. he pulled out his service revolver and opened fire on the relatives. A man named Hitesh was injured. Police immediately rushed the injured man to the hospital. The incident, which took place on the night of June 26, has now gone viral on social media. The authorities became serious about this. A full investigation into the incident was ordered.

Meanwhile .. a terrible incident took place in Punjab.

The incident took place at a hostel in Jalandhar. Students from other states stay together in the local hostel (Jalandhar 2 Students). However, a fellow student wanted to celebrate a birthday celebration. However, then some people were not interested in giving money (Bday Party Contribution). As a result, some people split into two groups.

Arrived at Hustle Bungalow. Kishan Yadav and Aman from Bihar are studying for their third year BSc in DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology. In this order a quarrel took place between them. With this, Kishan Yadav and Aman got hit. Meanwhile .. the two fell from the building due to being pushed. One of whom died on the spot. Another young man was rushed to hospital. The police have registered a case to this extent and are conducting an investigation.

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