Police caught half a dozen gamblers. Gambling was done on the side of the National Highway IG News

Morena27 minutes ago

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Kotwali police station of Morena raided a gambling den and caught seven people gambling. Police have recovered Rs 13700 from his possession. The incident happened yesterday.

Let us tell you that the informer informed the Kotwali police station that some people were gambling in front of the petrol pump on Highway No. 44. As soon as the police got the information, they reached the spot, cordoned off all sides and caught the gamblers who were gambling there. Police have seized Rs 13700 in cash from their possession.

This gambler was caught

The names of the gamblers caught by the police are Vasudev Gurjar, Rajveer Gurjar, Ramvilas Gurjar, Dharmendra Tomar, Vinod Gurjar, Vijay Gupta and Vinod Vyas.