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Operation Amritpal: According to the sources, the news has come that Daljit Kalsi, the partner of Amritpal Singh, the head of Waris Punjab organization, has been detained. Kalsi is considered to be very close to Amritpal. He also has pictures with Deep Sidhu.

According to the sources, the police have detained Daljit Kalsi late at night. It should be said that the Punjab Police has arrested 78 activists of the organization ‘Waris Punjab de’ after the recent incident in Ajnala of Punjab, but the head of the organization Amritpal escaped.

The police have now declared Amritpal a fugitive. Raids are being conducted from place to place for their arrest. The police are taking the arrested activists into custody and interrogating them.

On the other hand, the supporters of Amritpal, the head of the ‘Waris Punjab de’ organization, upset with the police action, have started protests across the state, due to which the police have tightened the security arrangements. Vigilance has also been increased in religious places and main markets.

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