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Police officers stationed at Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi will dress like a monk There is an inquiry.

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Police officers at the Kashi Vishwanath temple in Varanasi were asked to wear a garva dhoti-kurta and female police officers were asked to wear a saffron shalwar-kurta. Officials say police who dress like monks are better able to deal with crowds. However, the move is being criticized, citing the dignity of police uniforms.

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New Delhi: Police officers posted at the Kashi Viswanatham Center in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh Will wear a dhoti-kurta.

According to a Deccan Herald report, the police will wear ‘Girva’ robes, ‘Rodraksha beads’ and will wear ‘Trapand’ (three lines made of sandalwood or ashes on the forehead) like priests and they will visit the Garbha of Kashi at reputable Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi Those who come to Griha look like monks. Female police officers will wear a shalwar kurta.

Temple officials said the new dress code would be applicable only to police officers posted at Garbagriha. Varanasi officials said “This is a new experiment and has been started for the convenience of devotees. and to create a friendly atmosphere in the temple.”

Officials said There have been complaints from devotees that police officers posted at the temple mistreated them. and often use force to control crowds

He said, ‘Bhikkhus are easily accepted by believers. But sometimes they don’t listen to the police.’ Police who dress like monks are better at dealing with crowds and are friendly.’

They said These ‘priest police’ would welcome devotees with the slogan ‘Har Har Mahadev’ and also inform them about other important religious places. also in Varanasi

We were informed that these police officers will receive three days of special training as their duties will be different from those outside the temple or anywhere else.

Officials said new trials at the temple began on Wednesday.

According to a report by NDTV, a trial in this regard was also conducted in 2018.

In addition to the new uniforms, there will be a “no contact” policy to control crowds. This means that believers do not move their bodies or walk around. or disrupt the queue while making way for VIP movement. Instead, a rope is used to guide the believers without touching each other.

The crowd in 2018 was less than the previous two years after the restoration of Kashi Vishwanatham. But there have been complaints of police using force to remove devotees from the garbagriha or its entrance. The Times of India reports This led to the resumption of the ‘Police in Dhoti’ experiment, which was first started by Bhardwaj of the SSPR but was abandoned after some time.

Samajwadi Party asks questions

According to Amar Ajala, Samajwadi Party spokesperson Manoj Roy Dhup Chandy questioned the new system of posting police officers at Vishwanath temple. He said, “We will lodge a complaint with the Election Commission.”

He said, “The model code of conduct is now in effect. And all of this is done for the sake of elections.” Arbitrary use of the police is inappropriate. The dignity of a police officer in public lies in their uniform.

At the same time, SP leader Akhilesh Yadav opposed the matter. It is written in

He said those issuing such orders should first be suspended. If thugs take advantage of tomorrow and rob innocent people. How will the Uttar Pradesh government and administration respond?’

Former temple faculty member Rajendra Tiwari also expressed his dissatisfaction.

He said it was against religious principles and safety. This is just a Lok Sabha election campaign. Khaki police uniforms have a dignity of their own. These security guards are not employees of private companies and can wear any type of clothing.

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