Police re-arrested Shireen Mazari, Ali Muhammad Khan – Pakistan IG News

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shireen Mazari has been arrested again, this time by the Punjab Police, despite being granted bail by the Islamabad High Court (IHC). today news

PTI claimed that the police have again “abducted” party leader Shireen Mazari, in “clear violation” of the Islamabad High Court’s order “staying her arrest till tomorrow’s hearing”.

“There is no respect for the courts by this regime anymore,” PTI said in a tweet.

Mazari was first arrested on 12 May under Section 3 of the Maintenance of Public Order (3MPO). He was granted bail on 14 May, but was re-arrested on his way out of Adiala Jail.

On Wednesday, he again got bail but was arrested from his residence in Islamabad.

The government has launched a massive crackdown against PTI after the May 9 pogrom. The top tier and second tier leadership of the party is in jail. Those who got bail from the High Court are being arrested again.

Earlier, PTI leader Ali Muhammad Khan was also arrested by the Punjab Police from outside the Jhelum District Jail hours after receiving it from the IHC.

A video shared by the party on Twitter showed Punjab Police officials taking Khan away.

Meanwhile, PTI’s Karachi chapter chairman Ali Zaidi was also taken into custody from Ziauddin Hospital and shifted to Jacobabad Jail.

Zaidi said his request for house arrest was accepted due to health conditions, asthma and severe strain on his lower back.

“Am I being punished for saying positive things about our armed forces or condemning the May 9 violence?” he asked in a tweet.