Police ready to keep traffic moving in metropolis during worship IG News

Special plan being made for Rash Behari crossing and North area
There will be special monitoring on the roads around the metro station
Sanmarg Correspondent
Kolkata : During Durga Puja, Kolkata Traffic Police has become ready to keep the traffic movement in the busiest areas of South Kolkata at Rash Behari Crossing and Behala area. According to sources, during the puja, the vehicular traffic on Rash Behari Avenue and Syamaprasad Mukherjee Road remains natural, for this, the police will hold a coordination meeting with the Metro Rail. During the puja, the police officers took stock of which gate the passengers coming to Kalighat metro station would leave. According to the police, after leaving the metro station, some people go to Deshapriya Park and some people go to Badmatalla Ashadh Sangh. Due to them crossing the road, vehicular traffic is affected at Rash Behari crossing. This time, the Metro trains have been asked to enter Kalighat station with a break for some time so that there is no traffic jam on Ras Behari and adjoining roads. Due to this, it will be easier for the police personnel to control the traffic jam on the road.
According to Lalbazar sources, last year it was observed that traffic jams occurred in Rash Behari Avenue, Syamaprasad Mukherjee Road and Chetla areas on the day of worship. After getting down at Kalighat, some people went towards Chetla and some people went towards Deshapriya Park and Ras Behari. In such a situation, the traffic system at the Ras Behari crossing was affected the most. Road sign boards will be put up at various metro stations in the metropolis so that people can know from which gate of the metro station they can go towards which pandal. Apart from this, promotion will also be done through miking.
According to Lalbazar, steps are being taken to ensure that the traffic system remains natural not only in South Kolkata but also on Shyambazar, Hathibagan More and Ultadanga Road in North Kolkata. The reason for the problem of traffic jam on these roads is the Shree Bhoomi Puja Pandal being organized on VIP Road. For this, the officers of Kolkata Traffic Police are in talks with the officers of Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate. Efforts will be made to keep the vehicular traffic in the area natural.


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