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CHENNAI: Digitization of all files containing police station documents is underway.

A lot of documents are prepared in police stations like crime prone areas, inquiry lists, station diary, information about criminals, fugitives, first information report, statement of arrested persons.

Along with this, a document should be prepared regarding the complaints made in the Chief Minister’s Division, Commissioner, SP, Office, Police Stations and the actions taken thereon.

About it, through a letter, the higher authorities should be informed.

There is a delay in this process. Also, it takes at most a week for the complaints filed in the Commissioner, SP, offices and other petitions seeking permission to reach the police station.

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Now, top police officials have decided to change the practice.

Accordingly, the process of ‘digitalization’ of all police station files is underway.

All files and documents are shared through digital communication devices, including mobile phones. It is said that the police officers of the camp office of the officers will act as the responsible officers.

According to senior police officers, 90 percent of the operational work in the police department is being digitized.

“Postal Police shall be used only for documents and files containing confidential information which are to be placed directly in the hands of the authorities,” he said.

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