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Prasenjit Dasgupta, New Delhi: During the Congress period there was no electricity most of the time. The entire country would have been plunged in the darkness of load shedding. As a result of this, the population of the country has increased. Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi’s suggestive comments have started laughing in Delhi’s political circles, and fierce criticism. Karnataka A video of his comment has gone viral on social media, which has sparked widespread debate in the inner circle of central politics. But why did the central minister suddenly make such a comment?

Sources claim that the BJP and the Congress, both camps, are currently fighting over the upcoming assembly elections in Karnataka. Congress has made big promises to voters ahead of Karnataka polls. Voters will be given up to 200 units of free electricity if they come to power, the ‘Haat’ camp has announced in Karnataka. Union Minister Prahlad Joshi made the claim in a meeting in Hassan, Karnataka on Thursday while responding to the Congress’ announcement. Joshi was heard saying, ‘You believe Congress will give free electricity? Electricity was not available during their rule. They gave so little electricity that the whole country was plunged into darkness. After Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, electricity has reached every village.’ Then the Union Minister added, ‘The country’s population has doubled due to lack of electricity during the Congress period.’

Netizens understood very well what Prahlad Joshi actually wanted to indicate, even if he did not clarify the link between less electricity and population growth. A lot of laughter has started in netpara about this. Congress, however, dismissed the allegations of the Union Minister. The leaders of the BJP, knowing that the defeat of the party in Karnataka is certain, are saying Haat Shibir. Earlier, Joshi attacked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in Karnataka on Tuesday. He even highlighted the corruption that happened during the tenure of Nehru and Manmohan Singh. In this context, senior Congress leader K Suresh said, ‘Such a vindictive comment from a Union minister is indecent and shameful. BJP will not be able to capture Karnataka by doing this. It is the people of Karnataka who will push the BJP into darkness in the upcoming elections.’

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