Portrait of Sandra Dewi’s mother’s youth, called Jessica Mila

Portrait of Sandra Dewi’s mother’s youth, called Jessica Mila

Brilio.net – Many ways are done to commemorate Mother’s Day which falls every December 22. A number of Indonesian celebrities also uploaded a portrait of their mother on their Instagram and wrote a caption containing an expression of their love. One of them is Sandra Dewi. On this special day, Sandra chose to wish her mother and mother-in-law a happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day Mami & Mama (mertua).. Thank you for everything

From : HM, SDW, Rafa & Mika,” wrote Sandra, reported by brilio.net from Instagram @sandradewi88 on Friday (23/12). But interestingly, Sandra Dewi uploaded a portrait of her mother’s youth named Chatarina Erliani.

Sandra Dewi's mother's youth © 2021 brilio.net


Photo: Instagram/@sandradewi88

In the photo, Chatarina is wearing a white brocade. Mother Sandra Dewi also completed her appearance with a red pendant necklace. You don’t need a lot of poses, this portrait of Sandra Dewi’s mother’s youth looks so beautiful.

Warganet was busy commenting on this post with various compliments. Not a few agree that Sandra Dewi inherited beauty from her mother. At first glance, there are also those who say that Sandra Dewi’s mother’s face looks similar to the artist Jessica Mila.

Don’t be surprised if Sandra is so beautiful she’s really wearing it… Her mother is just sooooooo beautiful,” praise account @pyu_pyu_212.

Sis, why is her mother so beautiful, like Jessica Mila too?“comment account @yu.ni291.

I guess Jessica Mila,” added the account @linaa.alea19.


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