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The term ‘Postal Ballot’ is heard a lot during elections. During the counting of votes, first the postal ballot votes are counted. Those who are on election duty and cannot go to their own constituency to vote use postal ballot vote. But the Central Election Commission (Election Commission) wants to put an end to the postal ballot votes. It decided to abolish the postal ballot. Key changes will be made so that the personnel on election duty can exercise their right to vote at Voter Facilitation Centers instead of through postal ballot. In this regard, the Central Election Commission has learned that proposals have been sent to the Central Law Department last week. It has been revealed that this proposal has been brought to reduce the abuse of postal ballot.

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The Central Election Commission has said that there is a need to amend the 18th clause of the Conduct of Elections Act, 1961 for the use of votes in the facilitation center instead of postal ballot in the elections. Chief Electoral Officer Rajeev Kumar and Election Commissioner Anoop Chandra Pandey suggested this. The act allows those on election duty, service voters and those in police custody to use postal ballot to vote. But from now on it seems that the law will be changed so that all the people can vote in the facilitation center.

During the Lok Sabha elections held once in five years, more than 10 lakh polling stations are set up across the country. Around one crore voters are on election duty. Police, Polling Officers, Presiding Officers, other staff… are not allowed to vote like common people. Cannot go to own constituency. But according to the rules of the Election Commission, all those who are on election duty can exercise their right to vote through postal ballot. It means that the vote will be sent by post. Postal ballot will be given to the staff during the training for those going on election duty. Facilitation centers are available with all arrangements for that. But many people carry the postal ballot with them. As they have the option of sending it to the returning officer before 8 am on the counting day, they are keeping it with them till then. Thus, the Election Commission found that the postal ballot was being misused. In this context, the Election Commission has proposed to change the rules so that voting can be done in the facilitation centers.

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