Postmortem facility is available in only 3 hospitals in Karachi

Postmortem facility is available in only 3 hospitals in Karachi

Accidents in Jinnah Hospital, 100 victims are reported daily in the incidents, Dr. Samia Syed. Photo: File

Karachi: There are only 20 Medico-Legal Mail and 5 Lady Medico-Legal Officers posted in the city of Karachi with a population of 35 million.

According to the records of the Provincial Health Department, 9 government hospitals in Karachi have Medico-Legal Departments where there are approved posts of 91 MLOs and Lady MLOs including one Police Surgeon Grade 20 and 8 Additional Police Surgeons Grade 19 posts. Of these, more than 2 dozen medico-legal officers are absent from duty while several lady MLOs are absent from duty.

According to the Express Tribune’s investigative report, Lady MLO Dr Ayman Khurshid and Dr Nadia Noor have been absent from duty for a year and a half, but the salaries of these doctors are continuing. It is learned that they have returned from abroad but have not reported to the department. While MLO Dr. Mansoob Ali has done his posting at Jinnah Hospital.

Dr. Vikram, Dr. Ali Farfan and Dr. Ghazanfariya are also not on duty. Korangi is stationed in the hospital but the MLO department in the said hospital is completely inactive. That is why no MLOs come to this hospital.

Similarly, MLO Dr Usman Hashmi is also missing from the department. For the population of Karachi, a total of 20 MLOs and 5 Lady MLOs are working in the three hospitals at present, while 91 MLOs are stationed in 9 government hospitals on the records of the department, including Sindh Government Civil Hospital, Jinnah Hospital. Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Sindh Government Qatar Hospital Orangi, Government Hospital Korangi and Saudabad Hospital, Lyari Hospital, New Karachi and Sindh Government Liaquatabad Hospital.

According to the records of the department, medico-legal departments are established in 9 hospitals of Sindh government. Where 9 additional police surgeons have also been posted but 6 out of these 9 hospitals do not have additional police surgeons because their hospitals have inactive medico-legal department and no post mortem facility, at present only three in Karachi. The Medico-Legal Departments at Civil Hospital, Jinnah Hospital and Abbasi Hospital are fully operational and all three hospitals have Host Mortem facilities. While other staff appointments are also on paper.

Surprisingly, there is no post-mortem facility in these 6 hospitals. At present Jinnah Hospital in Karachi has 2 lady officers including Dr. Samia Syed, Additional Police Surgeon, Grade 19, 6 Medico-Legal, while 8 MLOs and 3 Lady MLOs are working in Civil Hospital and Abbasi Hospital.

That is, 20 miles of Medico-Legal and 5 Lady Officers are working in these three hospitals in Karachi who compile reports on the technical basis of injuries or rape cases in various accidents and incidents. Additional Lady Police Surgeon of Jinnah Hospital Dr. Samia Syed said that Jinnah Hospital So far this year 2021, 12 thousand ml report while 600 postmortem has been done.

At Jinnah Hospital, 100 victims are reported daily in various accidents and incidents, while 20 cases of violence are reported per mile.


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