Potato farmers of Dhupaguri block face losses due to hail and storm IG News

Shubojit Debnath, Dhupguri: Farmers are affected by the Kalbaisakhi storm. After two days of hail and storm, the water has accumulated to eat the potatoes and therefore the potato farmers have their hands on their heads. Farmers are worried.

Because if the potato is under the water for a long time, it can cause damage, the potato can rot. If the Department of Agriculture says that the age of potatoes has passed 80 to 90 days, there is no possibility of any damage if they stay under water for a day or two. Although his words do not reduce the worries of farmers. Because on the one hand there are black market complaints about potato buns and on the other hand there are potato fields under water.

There is a concern about how to keep the potatoes in the freezer because a farmer has not been given a bond for more than 50 bags of potatoes, so the farmers were worried about the extra potatoes from the beginning.

In village panchayat No. 1 of Dhupaguri block, the farmers are trying hard to save the potatoes after consuming about 25 to 30 bighas of potatoes which are still under water, but there is no way to get the water out. So they fear loss.

The agriculture department claims that the yield of potatoes has been good this year, 80 to 85 packets of potatoes per bigha in Dhupguri Banarhat block.

The agriculture department claims that since this year the pest attacks have been reduced and the application of chemical fertilizers has been reduced, the farmers will see a profit. And the potato forest has been made open to all. Small and marginal farmers have all received bonds.

This year, 1 crore packets of potatoes have been produced in Dhupguri and Banahat blocks. However, we have 24 lakh packets of potatoes in the freezer in our two blocks. Therefore, it will not be possible to satisfy everyone, there will be a shortage in some places, says Tilak Barman, director of agriculture with the Dhupaguri district.


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