Power Areas On Weekend In Bengaluru Some Areas Here You Check IG News

Power Areas On Weekend In Bengaluru Some Areas Here You Check

In some areas of Bengaluru, there will be a power cut on weekends. The cause of the power failure is that the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) has taken the initiative to carry out maintenance and repair work amidst a small load in the grid. This is why most employees will take a break. That would cause a power outage over the weekend. There will be a power cut today. Here is a list of areas in which power will be generated from 10 am to 1 pm.

Areas where there will be a power outage on Sunday, May 15…

Gandhigrama, Devaiah Park, E-Block Subrahmanyanagar Street, A-Block Subramanyanagar, WP Road 15th Cross, 16th Cross Malleswaram, Lg Village, Sulikunte, Muttanallur Cross, Junasandra Main Road, Sun City, MS Ramayana Nagar, S Worship School

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Raghavendra Lloyd, GR Lavender Apartments, Bommasandra Industrial Areas and Surroundings, Jig Industrial Area, Jigali KIADB Areas, Ananthanagara Industrial Area, Veerasandra Industrial Area, Atibele Industrial Area, Vasantharasapura 2 and Kairaga Kasaragod 2.

The bride-to-be incident with no electricity has happened just before

A strange incident in a village in Ujjain

The incident took place in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, where Ramesh Lal’s two daughters, Nikita and Karishma, were to marry Dangwara Bhola and Ganesh, young men of a different family. Tradition has it that brides have changed since the masks covered their faces and gave a current hand at the wedding.

Confused as the older sister was wearing the same dress

On the day of the wedding, the elder sister and her sister were wearing red lehenga and their family did not notice this. Families have noticed that when the bride arrives at her husband’s residence, they have no alternative.

Ritual by different brides-and-grooms

The incident took place in the village of Aslana in Ujjain district and the marriage of three sisters on the same date. However, due to prolonged power outages, the two sisters mistakenly completed the marriage rituals with a different groom.

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No face was seen when the current was gone!

The marriage took place in the family of the Bhil community. No generator was set when the lights were off. Thus when the power was cut off the darkness engulfed. Because of the lack of light, the face could not be seen properly and the brides were dressed in the same way.

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