Power cut due to maintenance of Kolua Fitter: Light will not come in these areas for 3 hours. Supply will remain closed for 3 hours due to maintenance of Kolua feeder. IG News

Ashoknagar8 minutes ago

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The work of installing a new 33 KV feeder is to be done on Kolua feeder of Ashoknagar. Due to this, there will be power cut for 3 hours in some areas of the city today. This power cut will be done from 11 to 2 pm on Monday.

Assistant Manager of Central Region Electricity Distribution Company, Pradeep Mangrolia said that due to this, the affected areas of Kolua Electricity Feeder are Kolua Road, Kabira Road, Shankar Colony, Jat Hotel, Dubey Colony, Soni Colony, Sanskriti Garden, Doctor Colony, Pooja Colony, Teacher There will be no electricity for 3 hours in Colony, Yadav Colony, Tayde Colony, Lake City.

The time for stopping and starting the power supply can be increased or decreased as per requirement.