Pradeep Singh appointed president of District Ropar by Sikh Students Federation (Mehta). Punjab News IG News

Appointing Pradeep Singh as President of District Ropar, Patron of Federation Bhai Amarjit Singh Chawla, President Amarbir Singh Dhot, Lakhbir Singh Saikho, Manjit Singh Bath, Jagpreet Singh Mani etc.

Pradeep Singh was installed as the president of district Ropar by the president of the federation, Bhai Amarbir Singh Dhot, while establishing the Ropar unit of the Sikh Students Federation (Mehta) at the holy land of Sri Anandpur Sahib today. Along with him, Gurkaran Singh was appointed as the general secretary, Manjot Singh as the vice president and Navdeep Singh as the secretary, similarly, the former district president of the federation Jasvir Singh Rana and Harjinder Singh Massewal were appointed as the national vice president of the federation.

Addressing today’s gathering, the president of the federation Amarbir Singh Dhot said that the federation is the green team of the Sikh panth and all the youth who joined it are welcome. It was done and Amar Shaheed Bhai Amrik Singh, under the leadership of Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwalia, made this organization a place in the hearts of the Sikhs.

The Patron of the Federation, Bhai Amarjit Singh Chawla, encouraged the youth to serve the Sikh Panth by taking guidance from their history and sacrifices.

On this occasion, Federation Secretary General Bhai Lakhbir Singh Sekhon, Manjit Singh Bath National Senior President, Jagpreet Singh Mani Vice President, Kulbir Singh Usmanpur, Davinder Singh Dhillon and Gurbhag Singh Chaunta Incharge Dharma Prachar Doaba Zone also addressed in the meeting.
At this time, two important resolutions were passed by the federation

Resolution no. 1 Federation (Mehta) in today’s district Ropar gathering, a sharp reaction was given to the statement made by the Chairman of the Minority (Minority) Commission, Iqbal Singh Lalpura, about the settlement of Sikhs in Punjab. In this important resolution passed by the meeting, Mr. By making a statement about the settlement of Sikhs in Punjab, Lalpura has humiliated the Sikh community and made a desperate attempt to weaken the Sikh community.

Federation (Mehta) from Mr. Lalpura was reminded that the Sikh panth is not a place of numbers. Rather, its power is connected with the grace and blessings of the Eternal God. Referring to that dark period of Federation (Mehta) history, he challenged the statement of Mr. Lalpura that the Khalsa Panth also saw that time in history, when the Singhs fought a great and unparalleled battle in Sri Chamkaur Sahib and the Mughals at that time. Great strength was chewed by gram. This nation has seen many major and minor conflicts and has gained a respectable status in the entire world by fighting against the great imperial powers.
Mr. Lalpura was challenged by the Federation (Mehta) asking him to come to an open debate with the Federation and asking him to withdraw his statement immediately. Otherwise the Federation will be forced to fight against him.

Resolution no. 2 Federation (Mehta) on the occasion of the establishment of the district organization of Ropar today – demanding the release of Singhs who have been imprisoned for a long time from the Center and the Delhi government, said that the government’s delay in the release of these Singhs is a problem for the Sikhs in this country. It creates a sense of alienation. The Prime Minister of the Federation has termed Narendra Modi as a very unfortunate and heinous act of withdrawing from the promise he made to the Sikh Panth on the occasion of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The Federation, strongly demanding the release of Bandi Singhs, announces to participate more in the signature campaign being started by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee from 01 December 2022 and appeals to the entire nation that the releases being started by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. Join the signature campaign for

On this occasion, Baba Khushal Singh Bruwal, Harpreet Singh, Baljinder Singh, Harvinder Singh, Naveen, Lovepreet Singh, President of Gurdaspur, Sushant Singh, Harman Kalwan, Sukhbir Singh Kalwan, Manjot Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, Dilpreet Singh, Karamjot Kalwan, Kaka Bhalan, Talwinder Singh , Lakhwinder Singh, Preet Chanouli, Gurmanpreet Singh, Ranbir Singh Kot Bala, Lucky Mehrauli Goldie Surewal, Iqbal Singh, Jagtar Singh, Harkirat Singh Lovejit Singh, Harpreet Surewal and a large number of other youths were involved.


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