Pregnant woman died due to negligence of doctors in Maripeda IG News

Tragedy took place in Maripeda village of Mahabubabad district. The family members became worried after the baby died due to the negligence of the doctors. Dr. Ravi, who caused the death of a baby girl, was suspended and protested with a dead body on the Khammam-Warangal national highway to support the victim’s family.

Going into the details..Vadduri Bhagyalakshmi (25) of Maripeda village was delivered normal on May 15 at Maripeda primary health center by Dr. Ravi. Bhagyalakshmi once again gave birth to a male child while previously having a baby boy. A minor operation was performed during the delivery and the baby was taken out. However, as the bleeding was not controlled, it was diagnosed as an emergency case and was taken to the Mahabubabad Area Hospital in an ambulance. As the doctors confirmed that she was already dead, the relatives of the deceased raised an alarm with the dead body in front of Maripeda Primary Health Centre. Alleging that she died due to the doctor’s negligence, the relatives got worried.