Prime Minister Modi will return to Gujarat on December 14, President Swami Maharaj will inaugurate the Centenary Festival programme. IG News

Ahmedabad: Pramukh Swami Shatabdi Mahotsav is going to start from 14th December in Ahmedabad. The program will start from December 14 and will continue till January 13. This month-long program will be inaugurated by PM Modi on 14th December.

TV9 GUJARATI | Edited By: Chandrakant Kanoja

Dec 04, 2022 | 11:19 PM

Rudo Avasar is coming to Ahmedabad, Prakham Swami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav is going to start from December 14. Next, on December 14, PM Modi will come to Ahmedabad again and the President Swami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav will be inaugurated by him. PM Modi will inaugurate the festival on December 14 at five o’clock in the evening. The festival will be inaugurated in the presence of BAPS head Mahant Swami. The festival will start from 15th December in Oganaj of Ahmedabad. Lakhs of people from home and abroad will attend this festival which will last for 30 days.

The outline of this entire program has been announced. For a month, the festival venue ‘Pramukhswami Maharajnagar’ will be buzzing with various events. Each day has a different theme focusing on the life, work and message of Pramukhswami Maharaj. Apart from this, there will be various programs like different women’s programs in the afternoon, academic conferences on different topics in the morning and conferences of associations.

Detailed outline of programmes

  • Inauguration ceremony of Pramuch Swami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav will be held on December 14.
  • The International Conference on Human Development will be inaugurated on December 15
  • Culture Day on December 16, Parabhakti Day on December 17
  • Temple Pride Day on 18 December
  • Guru Bhakti Day on 19th December
  • Harmony Day on 20 December
  • 21st December Samarastha Day
  • Tribal Pride Day on 22 December
  • December 23 Spirituality and Health Day
  • December 24 is Addiction Life Change Day
  • National Convention on 25 December
  • 26 December Swaminarayaniya Sant Sahitya Folklore Day
  • Vicharan Smritiday on 27th December
  • Service Day on 28 December
  • Family Unity Day on 29 December
  • Sanskar and Education Day on 30 December
  • 31 December is Darshan Shastra Day
  • Bal Yuva Kirtan Aradhana on 1 January
  • January 2 is Child Burial Day
  • Youth Sanskar Day on 3rd January
  • Gujarat Pride Day on 4th January
  • Women’s Day-1 on 5th January
  • BAPS Gulf Country Day on January 6
  • January 7 is BAPS North America Day
  • BAPS UK-Europe Day on 8 January
  • BAPS Africa Day on January 9
  • Women’s day on January 10-
  • BAPS Asia Pacific Day on 11 January
  • Akshardham Day on January 12
  • 13 January Sant Kirtan Aradhana
  • On January 15, Pramukhswami Maharaj Shatabdi Mohotsav will be celebrated


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