“Prime Minister Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister for the third time in more than 300 seats” – Dibrugarh Home Minister Amit Shah – News18 Assam IG News

India’s Home Minister Amit Shah is playing the Dibrugarh standard. After Mohanbari Airport in Dibrugarh, Dibrugarh Mankatta Chah Bagichara Khelpatharat Rajhuwa addressed the meeting. BJP’s Uzni Mandalik office in Swahili performed virtual Bhumi Pooja before addressing the public meeting in standard sportsmanship. It should be noted that these five Mahalia Mandalik Offices will be constructed in Jeevan Phukan Nagart of Dibrugarh (Home Minister Amit Shah in Assam).

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said that in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Indian people will win 12 seats out of 14 seats in Assam and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister for the third time in more than 3000 seats. No matter how many opponents I speak nonsense against Prime Minister Modi, I will advance the BJP.

Home Minister Amit Shah said, ‘North-East state elections are still being held. He is still part of the BJP circle in the state.

Attacks Congress and Rahul Gandhi as central ministers. Teon said, ‘At that time, the stronghold of the Congress in the north was considered a bully, so because Rahul Baba was behind in traveling to different parts of the country, then the state election Congress was exhausted. Rahul baba does not understand, he also goes abroad and sings bad name of India, Rahul baba tries to understand, so Congress is empty only in the North-East, if we continue on this path, Congress will be empty in the whole country.

The Central Home Minister added, “If the prime minister provides security, eradicates terrorism in the north-east, promotes development, brings in a lot of wealth, Congress will eat Modi’s autobiography as prime minister.” But this word is not the same. 130 crore people of the country, all Assamese pray day and night for the long life of Prime Minister Modi. In Modik’s time, I will get insults, in the border, the padum will bloom.

Teon Koy, ‘After the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFHPA) was signed in 70 percent of the north-east, the country has become peaceful, 8 ethnic groups have surrendered. The Assam border dispute is said to be over. It is Prime Minister Modi’s good governance, due to which the internal progress of Assam is taking place today. Construction of 12 Khan Medical Colleges is in progress and 12 Khans are under construction. Prime Minister Modi is showering this fish with gifts on Bihu day. BJP is leading the development of the North-East region.

Today’s Assembly Chief Minister, Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal, BJP State President Bhavesh Kalita, Minister Rameshwar Teli, Ajanta Neog, Bimal Bara, Sanjay Kishan, Yogen Mohan, MP Kamakhya Tacha, Pradhan Baruwa, Tapan Gogoi, Senior MLAs
Prashant Phukan is accompanied by many leaders.