HomeBusinessPrime Minister Shehbaz Sharif congratulated council members on their successful by-elections.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif congratulated council members on their successful by-elections.

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Islamabad: Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif congratulated the candidates on their victory in the by-elections to the National Assembly and the Provincial Council. and said that they would be committed to serving the people without stopping

According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said the victory of the newly elected members of the Muslim League (N) in the by-elections was a sign of people’s confidence. and the people who voted for The Muslim League (N) in the by-elections has the hearts of the people.

He said he assured the public that he would not abandon his duty of service. will endeavor to fulfill their trust with utmost honesty and hard work. with clear signs of economic improvement Changes in public opinion are also important.

The Prime Minister said that the success of the Pakistan Muslim League (N) candidates was public recognition of the government’s services in reviving the economy. Reduce inflation and improve international relations

He said that with improving the economy and increasing relief of the people. Public opinion will change further in the future. Forecasts of economic improvements in international financial institutions, news organizations, and surveys also have a positive effect on public opinion. The opposition since February has left its supporters and citizens confused and disappointed.

He said wins and losses are part of the election process. Using the political cooperation approach instead of accusations Democratic Attitudes Flaws and objections in the electoral process can be eliminated only through mutual cooperation and political dialogue.

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