Protest against Supreme Court verdict on abortion, ‘sex strike’ of women in America IG News

News Daily Digital Desk: Protesting the Supreme Court verdict on abortion. This time, many American women walked the path of ‘sex strike’. Defendants say what they do with their bodies is up to them. No one has the right to blow their noses at it. The fight to get back the right to abortion will continue.

What is this ‘sex strike’? The simple answer is to deprive men of sex in order to fulfill their demands. Brianna Campbell, a US health worker, has joined a protest against the Supreme Court ruling. “Men who don’t have sterilization, or who aren’t on our side in this movement, have no right to have sex,” she told The New York Post. Maya Demari, a rape victim, has also joined the movement for abortion rights. According to him, if this world thinks that they will exploit women forever, then the way for men to have sex will be closed. The movement has already gained momentum on social media.

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On June 24, the US Supreme Court overturned a nearly five-decade-old abortion law. The court ruled that abortion was not a constitutional right in the United States. As a result, millions of women across the United States have been deprived of the ‘right to abortion’. After that the crowd of protesters started growing in front of the apex court. Not only the court premises, the wave of protests has spread to different parts of the country. Protesters have called the Supreme Court ruling against women’s emancipation.

It should be noted that the Right to Abortion Act was in force in the United States in 1983 after the judgment in the widely studied Roe v. Wade case came into force. Rejecting that law, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of banning abortion. “The Constitution never gives abortion rights to American women,” the country’s top court said in a statement. As a result of this ruling, different provinces or states will be able to ban the right to abortion on their own. Already, 13 states in the United States have legalized abortion. It is thought that several other states in the United States will follow suit.

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