PSI of Kadodora police station suspended for misbehaving with women IG News

PSI of Kadodora police station suspended for misbehaving with women

Following the Grishma Vekaria Murder case in Surat, Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi has also issued a stern order to the police to ensure that those who misbehave with women and girls are not spared at Kadodra Police Station. No PSI. They have been suspended for abusing women. However, the women who suspended PSI celebrated with fireworks.

Women of Arihant Park Society, Kadodar, Surat Celebrated the bursting fireworks. The women complained about the controversy going on in Harihant Park. He behaved indecently with women.

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PSI AB of Kadodora police station of Surat district. Happiness was seen among the locals who suspended Mori. The PSI Mori was suspended today by the district police chief for sending indecent messages to a female police colleague as well as a female GRD and the applicant. On the one hand, the Gujarat government conducts many public awareness programs for the empowerment of women, but there is an atmosphere of happiness among the women who are suspending this police officer.

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The women alleged that the women of the society had gone to the police station to lodge a complaint over the ongoing temple dispute in the society at Arihant Park. When PSI A.B. Mori treated him rudely. And was fired from the police station. Then today they have been suspended if the women had gathered. And the society was seen celebrating with fireworks.

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