PSX turned bullish with a gain of 801 points IG News

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Islamabad: The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) 100-index turned in the bullish trend on Tuesday, gaining 801.79 points, a positive change of 2.01 per cent, to close at 40,673.06 as against 39,871.27 points on the previous day.
A total of 153,324,094 shares were traded during the day as against 140,465,951 shares on the previous day, while the shares were valued at Rs 7.441 billion as against Rs 5.458 billion on the previous trading day.
At least 328 companies transacted their shares in the stock market; Of them, 217 posted profits and 89 posted losses, while the share price of 22 companies remained unchanged.
Among the three top-trading companies were Worldcall Telecom with 13,426,966 shares at Rs 1.14 per share, Pak Petroleum with 10,194,870 shares at Rs 77.53 per share and Pak Refinery with 7,748,506 shares at Rs 13.65 per share.
Pak Services saw the maximum gain of Rs 155.00 per share, closing at Rs 2,265.00, while the runner-up was Colgate Palm, which gained Rs 139.91 per share to close at Rs 2,029.91.
Rafan Maize closed at Rs 8,325.00 with maximum loss of Rs 674.00 per scrip, followed by Bhanero Tex at Rs 1,000.01 with a loss of Rs 26.75.