PTCL ‘shows interest in buying Telenor’ – Daily Ausaf IG News

Islamabad (News Desk) Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has expressed interest in buying the cellular company ‘Telenor’. According to news website ‘ProPakistani’, PTCL has informed the Pakistan Stock Exchange that they are interested in buying a telecom company. In a letter written by PTCL to the Pakistan Stock Exchange, Telecom Co

The name has not been disclosed, but sources say that it is the telecom company Telenor. According to the letter, PTCL’s board of directors has authorized the company to explore investment opportunities in Pakistan’s telecom sector. According to the report, in November 2022, the Chief Executive Officer of Telenor International, Segway Brake, said that his group is keen to sell its company in Pakistan. Explaining the reason for this, he said that Telenor Group wants to leave Asia and focus on European markets. Telenor Group has a presence in 9 Asian and European markets but is now phasing out business from Asian countries. Recently they sold their company in Thailand and are now going to sell Telenor Pakistan, whose expected buyer is PTCL. According to ProPakistani, negotiations are also ongoing between PTCL and Telenor in this regard. The website has claimed that a PTCL delegation was also seen at Telenor’s headquarters in Islamabad. If PT. If CL buys Telenor, Telenor and Ufone will merge, bringing their customer base to 720 million and rivaling Jazz, currently Pakistan’s largest cellular company. Is. The number of customers of Jazz is 7 crore 40 lakhs. In 2008, Telenor took the second position from Ufone in terms of number of customers and after that Ufone could never regain this position. And has ended its operations from Indonesia as well.


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