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PTI’s letter to Chief Justice Call for the rule of law

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Web Desk: PTI Information Secretary Rauf Hassan said a letter containing seven points was written to the Chief Justice with the permission of the PTI founder.
In the letter, the PTI founder emphasized the supremacy of the citizen and the supremacy of the Constitution. In the letter, he also wrote NAB’s statement on the issue of vehicles from Nawaz Sharif’s Toshakhana.
The letter said it was time to prove it. The letter also highlighted the Bahanagar incident. The judge’s letter and the Rawalpindi Commissioner’s case.
The letter, which was written with the permission of the PTI founder, said the PTI’s petition regarding irregularities in the general elections has been pending for two months. Failure to take this matter seriously will increase the constitutional crisis.
Talking to media in Islamabad, Rauf Hassan said the Chief Justice cannot maintain a system that violates the law and subordinates the judiciary.
He said that we had already mentioned the lawlessness and additional conditions in the letter.
A PAT spokesperson said that the occupying people are targeting PTT with every effort. The internet was blacked out on February 8. Now the same story is repeating itself in the national elections.
Sanam Javed and Alia were arrested again and shifted to Sargodha. We demand that our prisoners be freed from state oppression.

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