Public beheadings: Unfazed by criticism, Saudis execute 12 people with swords in 10 days IG News

Unfazed by international criticism, Saudi Arabia has publicly beheaded 12 people in the last 10 days.

According to a rights organization, most of the 12 people were beheaded with swords. These include three Pakistanis, four Syrians, two Jordanians and three Saudis.

Those killed were facing nonviolent drug charges.

As per reports, the number of people executed this year has surpassed the total number of executions in 2020 and 2021.

Most of the developed countries around the world have abolished capital punishment. However, in exceptional cases, the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea impose punishments.

The death penalty is practiced in almost all Middle Eastern countries. In 2021, Iran hanged the maximum number of people. It executed 353 people in the year.


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