Publication of ‘Forman’ of the Nizam of Hyderabad in the presence of the Ambassador of Iran at the initiative of the Government of India in book form IG News

Puber pen, webdesk: Mir Osman Ali Khan was the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad. According to many, he was the richest man in the world at that time. His net worth figure is surprising. He had a net worth of around US$236 billion as of current inflation. As a result, compared to the present day, he could beat Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos. He died in 1967 at the age of 80. This time, the government of Iran and India took a special initiative to highlight the rule, glory and tradition of the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad to the next generation.

In a special event in Hyderabad, the ambassador of Iran appointed in New Delhi. Irazullah published the copy of the official farman of Mir Osman Ali Khan, the seventh Nizam of the kingdom, in book form. This is the first time it has been published. It will be housed in the State Archives at Hyderabad. Ambassador of Iran in this special event. Iranian Council General Mehdi Shahrokhi was present with Erazullah.

The Delhi-based International Noor Microfilm Center (NMIC) has started digitization, preservation and cataloging of old archival records in Persian language at the initiative of the Government of Iran. The Ambassador and the Council of Iran visited the unit equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for preservation and digitization installed in the premises of the General State Archives.

Ambassador Dr. Irazullah said, ‘Iran’s relations with India have always been friendly and there has been a lot of cultural exchange between the two countries. As Persian is our national language, we are keen to save the heritage of Persian language in India, which was once the national language of this country too.’

Director of State Archives Dr. Zarina Parveen said, ‘A few million records are preserved in Persian language from 1406 AD to 1885 AD. It is very important to protect them well to preserve the glorious history of Hyderabad. All these responsibilities have been entrusted to Noor Microfilm International Center (NMIC).

Dr. Zarina Parveen informed the ambassador that so far three lakh pages of old Persian records related to Daftar-Darul Insha, contracts, manuscript (handwritten) books, awarjas (ledgers), Baba Shah Musafir (a Sufi saint from Hyderabad), (Deccan) and Inayat Nama ( letter), preserved the farmans (royal decrees) of the sixth and seventh Nizams. Damaged records are also being repaired. The Nizam’s government had 14 offices which were to be taken up for the said work besides farmans, muntakhabs, old maps and gazettes.

The NMIC director also said that they have requested the State Archives to release 355 books of farmans of the sixth and seventh Nizams along with other necessary books in transcript form for use.

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