Punjab government is on the way to spoil the image of Sikhs – Harpal Singh Scotland Punjab News IG News

20220227_101147.resizedGlasgow, (Mandeep Khurmi Himmatpura)- By making Bhai Amritpal Singh a shield, the Punjab government is on the way to distort the image of Sikhs worldwide. Like Kashmir, the Punjab government is supporting the BJP under no compulsion to kneel on the neck of Punjab. The said views were expressed by Harpal Singh Scotland while talking to this representative. He said that by creating an atmosphere of terror, the Punjab government has tried to convey the message to the world that the entire Sikh panth has come under attack. The Punjab government has failed to shut down the internet in the jails and is supporting the central government by shutting down the internet in the villages and cities of Punjab. He said that Bhai Amritpal Singh was suddenly presented as Hoy to hide the failure of the interviews given by the dangerous gangster Lawrence Bisnoi to a TV channel from inside the jail. He said that people know that governments often play the role of creating a big issue to make an issue appear small, but it is a pity that the present Chief Minister of Punjab, born in a Sikh family, is using Sikhism to cover up the failure of the government. sitting In order to distract the attention of the people, the drama of Amritpal Singh’s character assassination is being extended day by day so that the procession of Sikhism can be taken out all over the world. It is very sad that the government is preparing the ground to play the victim of innocent youth. He said that the arrested youth should be released unconditionally.

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