Quebec man convicted of promoting hatred against Jews files for appeal IG News

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A Quebec man convicted of intentionally inciting hatred against Jews is seeking leave to appeal his conviction.

Gabriel Sohier Chaput’s lawyer wrote in an application for permission to appeal filed last week that the trial judge created an appearance of partiality in the courtroom.

Sohier Chaput was found guilty of promoting hatred in late January by a Quebec court judge in connection with a 2017 article published on the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, one of hundreds of articles he has written for the site Was.

The trial was marked by debate between the prosecution and the defense as to which facts about the Holocaust and Nazi ideology needed to be established by an expert witness and which facts were so well-known that the judge could decide without further evidence. could accept them.

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Attorney Antonio Cabral also argued that the trial judge made an error of fact and law in his analysis of Sohier Chaput’s credibility as a witness, when he compared Sohier Chaput to Machiavelli and implied that he did so without any solid evidence. cited the “virus of hatred” to its readers.

He is seeking to overturn the guilty verdict or order a new trial.


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