Queen Elizabeth II represented ‘much more than the monarchy’: Albanese IG News

Irshadgul News report, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II during a national memorial service at Parliament House, saying she was a “rare and reassuring stable in a world of change”. “In the age of the demonstrative figure, the queen embodied quiet dignity. In an age of whimsy and fashionable reasons, the queen did not chase time—instead, she embodied qualities and qualities that are timeless,” Mr. Albanese said. “Love of family, loyalty to the country, service to the community, kindness to the needy, respect for everyone.” In this, it represented much more than the monarchy. “She stood out for the things that Australians loved and admired most about our own parents and our grandparents – their decency, their intelligence, their patience, their work ethic, being above ourselves. His instinct for service.”


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