‘Quran reading’ in Turkey to protest Quran burning IG News

Puber Kalam Webdesk:‘Extremist’ politician Rasmus Paludan burned the Holy Quran in Sweden and Denmark. All over the world people of different classes are joining in condemning this despicable act. Protests also took place outside the Swedish embassy in Turkey. On Friday, a recitation of the Holy Quran was held in front of the Swedish Embassy in protest against the desecration of the Quran. Many people attended the Quran recitation ceremony. A group of Muslims in Artuklo city of Mardin province condemned the burning of the Quran by presenting flowers to several churches before the Quran recitation ceremony. Taking the video of flower distribution, Ibrahim Khalil said, ‘In view of the heartbreaking incident in Sweden, as a young Muslim, we thought how to protest this incident. So we as Muslims try to follow the advice of Prophet Muhammad SAW. We decide to visit the church and distribute flowers, so that harmony and love prevail between us.’ The Armenian Church in Turkey has condemned the burning of the Holy Quran. In a statement, authorities said, ‘Burning of this holy book is completely unacceptable and not only hurts the sentiments of Muslims, but makes everyone repent. This act incites enmity between people of different religious beliefs. Such heinous acts are not compatible with democracy, freedom and human rights.’ Notably, Sweden recently applied to join NATO. Turkey, one of the members of NATO, has become an obstacle there. They gave several conditions to Sweden. For this reason, the extreme right-wing Paludan targeted the Turkish embassy.

Al-Quran is the world’s most widely read scripture. About 200 million Muslims of the world have a soul connection with this holy book. When someone insults the Qur’an, he causes bleeding in the hearts of the entire Muslim Ummah. Desecration of the Quran is a serious blow to religious freedom. No civilized person can accept such heinous crime. Apart from that, all the scriptures of the world are highly respected and respected by their followers. Therefore desecration of scriptures is a reprehensible act in all religions. The Holy Quran is the eternal word of Allah. Therefore, whoever participates in or takes part in desecrating the Qur’an, there is great suffering and severe punishment in this world and the hereafter.


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