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race around the world

Zaneeb meant serious business (Picture: BBC)

Race Across the World star Zanib was determined to catch a ride to the next destination during Wednesday’s grueling episode.

The BBC competition follows various teams flying between destinations around the world or on tight budgets without access to smartphones.

This time, the first team to reach St. John’s from Vancouver (a distance of 16,000 km) wins £20,000 outright.

Season three of the beloved series has introduced viewers to such contestants as Monique and her father Laddie, best friends Tricia and Cathy, and Claudia and father Kevin.

But husband-wife duo Zainib, 32, and Mobeen, 31, continued to leave viewers in frenzy during the latest episode.

When she avoided exiting the tent, Zainab and Mobeen were patiently waiting for their ride north, but spotted Kevin and Claudia in the back seat.

race around the world

The couple had been waiting since 6am (Picture: BBC)

race around the world

He finally made it! (Picture: BBC)

Apparently having none of it, Zaneeb declared: ‘This is my f****g place. If I have to, I will urinate everywhere to mark my territory.

Considering that the pair had been waiting since 6 am, we can’t fault their determination.

While Zainib and Mobeen have ‘signs’ to get the driver’s attention, Kevin and Claudia trust their ‘personality’ will take them further

But luckily for Zanib, no pee was needed as she and Zanib managed to get a lift from friendly strangers.

The married couple recently opened up about their experience on the show Metro.co.uk,

‘We’ve been married for nine years now and [the show] “It has made us stronger,” Zainab shared.

As for whether the tensions of race in a continent without credit cards and internet fueled many arguments, Zainib responded with an impressive level of composure.

‘Like any relationship, there are times when you get on each other’s nerves and have a bit of a lash out because you disagree or whatnot, but nothing major.’

Race Across the World continues next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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