Rahul Gandhi’s advice to the leaders preparing for the election of the Congress president IG News

New Delhi – Elections for the post of Congress president are going to be held soon. Former president of the party Rahul Gandhi is making a trip to India. During this trip, he has given great advice to the candidates who are preparing to contest for the post of Congress President.
Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday that this is a historic post. You are taking a historical place. A place that defines a particular vision of India. The Congress president is not just an organizational post but an ideological post. So my advice is that whoever becomes Congress president, he should remember that he will represent an ideology, a belief system and a vision of India.
Rahul said that the success of the trip is based on certain things. The first idea is that an India stands united, not at war with itself, not angry with its loved ones, not filled with hatred. Travel is something that most Indians admire and love. Rahul said there are two other considerations that are driving the journey forward. One is the level of unemployment that India is facing today. The third issue is pricing. These are the three ideas that are driving and fueling the journey. These ideas are interrelated.


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