‘Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification is a setback for the time being but could be beneficial for the Congress’ IG News

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification from the Lok Sabha following his conviction in a criminal defamation case has come as a shock at this juncture, but experts say it could prove beneficial for him and his party.

The Lok Sabha secretariat notified Gandhi’s disqualification from the lower house of parliament on Friday, a day after a Surat court convicted the Congress MP in a 2019 criminal defamation case and sentenced him to two years’ imprisonment.

However, the Congress put up a brave face and called it “a black day for Indian democracy”, adding that the battle would be fought “legally and politically”.

“This is a big blow to Rahul Gandhi and the Congress at this juncture, though one can also argue that his disqualification from the Lok Sabha could be turned into an advantage against the backdrop of the growing popularity of the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’,” Zoya Hasan, professor emeritus at JNU’s School of Social Sciences, told PTI when asked for comment.

He said Gandhi could emerge as a hero and also become a victim of “a ruthless political system”.

However, Hasan said that even this could be problematic if Gandhi does not get any relief from the High Court and remains disqualified.

“His disqualification for the remaining term of the current Lok Sabha is not a big deal as it is already April and this session of Parliament is anyway a wash, and two or three more sessions are to be held,” he said.

Hasan said it would be a blow for him if he is disqualified from contesting the next Lok Sabha elections.

“It may be problematic,” he said, “he may be popular outside, but when a leader cannot contest elections how will he lead the party. The fact that Gandhi has been disqualified and It is not clear whether he will be punished or not.” Turn around.” Sushila Ramaswamy, professor of political science at Jesus and Mary College, said Gandhi’s ineptitude may have resulted in public sympathy for him.

Rahul Gandhi’s comment on Modi surname should have been ignored as such a development would open the Pandora’s box, he told PTI. past.

Reacting to Gandhi’s disqualification, former Congress leader Sanjay Jha said the BJP has united the entire opposition ahead of next year’s general elections. “2024 is coming closer. BJP has united the entire opposition,” he said in a tweet. “The time has come for every political party to work to defeat this brutal regime and end India’s darkest era since 2014,” Jha said.

Mayank Jain, director of Root Stock Films Pvt Ltd, also felt that with his disqualification from the Lok Sabha, Gandhi could draw sympathy “without any qualification or effort”.

He tweeted, “A word of warning: Never put your opponent in the limelight, especially by criticizing him all the time. Taking inspiration from Indira Gandhi, an opponent like Rahul can draw sympathy without any merit or effort.”