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Rajesh Sharma the Biggest Face on Aakhri Palayan Poster Kab Tak Time for Trailer Launch Thrice and Messed Up Again – Entertainment News: Amar Ujala IG News


Have you heard of the name Rajesh Sharma? If not by name, you will definitely recognize him by his face. He played various characters in many films. He made his big screen debut with Gulzar’s ‘Maachis’ about 27 years ago. He studied at the National School of Drama (NSD). It is said that despite all this, he still lives in Kolkata and comes to Mumbai only when his acting meter breaks. But what happens when the most famous face in the film is Rajesh Sharma?

So there is a movie ‘Aakhir Palayan Kab Tak’? As the name suggests, its creators came up with stories about people who left their homes due to religious polarization. The trailer of this film was launched on Tuesday in Mumbai. Everyone received invitations for this program twice last week as well. But each time the event was rescheduled with a regrettable apology line. The reason given was that Rajesh Sharma has no date to launch the trailer of his film.

However, Rajesh Sharma may have fixed the date of 6th February for those who spend lakhs on making films and that’s why these poor people created so much hype for the trailer launch of their film. But Rajesh Sharma did not come even for the third time. The entire responsibility of the trailer launch was on actor Rajesh Sharma, who did not turn up. It was because of Rajesh Sharma that the trailer launch of the film was postponed twice. Poor film director Mukul Vikram, what can we say? He also told what other producers and directors say on such occasions to remove the embarrassment, Rajesh Sharma couldn’t come today due to Ting’s busy schedule.

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And what’s more, this is not the first time that Rajesh Sharma was not seen in any of his programs organized in Mumbai. The trailers of many of his films have been released earlier as well, but Rajesh Sharma has been seen in very few of them. What’s more, the PR team that sends invitations to the media has no information about their arrival or not. It is understandable if Rajesh Sharma plays a supporting role in the film and does not attend its event, but interestingly, even Shahrukh Khan does not take the risk of not attending the trailer launch of his protagonist’s film. So Rajesh Sharma has become even busier than him that he has no time to promote his films.

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Well, during the trailer launch of ‘Aakhir Palayan Kab Tak’, the writer-director of the film Mukul Vikram said, ‘There is only one purpose of making this film, to create awareness among people. If we don’t tell through this film, how will people know what is happening in the country? Migration of Hindus from Muslim-dominated areas is a major problem in the country. By forcibly occupying their land, it forces them to move.

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