Rajkot wealthy parents Child steal from a construction site to celebrate a birthday party

In Rajkot City News, there have been two cases of red light for parents in a single week. It has come to light that the children of rich parents have resorted to theft to celebrate their birthday party. The Rajkot University Police has nabbed three accused, including two minors, who were in conflict with the law.

The University Police Station area of ​​Rajkot city has come up with three shocking cases in the last one week. University police recently arrested two students studying engineering with fake notes. Also, two days ago, four people were arrested for blackmailing a homosexual through the internet. At that time, it has come to light that students who have studied in reputed schools like SNK and Dholakia in Rajkot have resorted to theft.

In a conversation with the media, the police said that it is the birthday of a minor who is in conflict with the law, which has created an urgent need for money.

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About three friends planned to steal because of the money. For which Scorpio as well as i20 cars were rented. Friends also did Reiki at different construction sites. Then on the 27th at three o’clock in the morning the three students arrived at the construction site to steal. One and a half hundred kilos of debris was stolen from the construction site. The owner of the construction site, who was captured on CCTV, reported the whole incident to the police.

After informing the police about the whole case, the police, on the basis of CCTV, caught the burglars within hours. When the police rushed all the accused, their interrogation revealed that they were not habitual offenders but they were students studying in English medium in reputed schools.

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According to police sources, the father of the adult accused Krishna Pal is involved in land and house transactions. The father of another minor runs medical stores while the father of another minor has been found to be a medical representative. The three Nabiras are from a well-to-do family and have been found to have high-priced mobiles. It is also learned that the accused had earlier stolen iron scrap for fun.

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