Rajpal Yadav: Famous actor who survived 5 years OTT Comedy actor Rajpal Yadav says why he stayed away for five years

Raj Paul Yadav

“I want the audience to see my family in action,” Raj Pal Yadav said. He shared his opinion on OTT.

OTT platforms in the field of entertainment (OTT Platform) Are powerful. The coverage of OTTs is increasing day by day. Many celebrities are making money by appearing on OTT. Audiences are also accustomed to the trend of sitting at home watching cinema. But of the OTTs (OTT) Someone has a different opinion about it. It is alleged that the programs broadcast will contain obscene and obscene sounds. BollywoodIs a famous comedy actor Rajpal YadavHe, too, had the same attitude. So he was hesitant to act in OTT. They have left their mouths on that.

Raj Paul Yadav has been active in Bollywood for many years. He has entertained people through many comedy movies. That has earned a huge fan following. Raj Bhal Yavad starrer ‘Bhool Bhulya 2’ is grossing over Rs 175 crore. Despite all the popularity, they remained apart from the OTT. He explained what caused it.

“I’m not ready to star in a movie or web series that has obscene sounds and pornography. For that reason, he has not starred in OTT for 5 years. My acting audience should be watching the family. As such I am not opposed to any other show, series and cinema. There is a different audience for that, ”Raj Pal Yadav said. He has now stepped into the OTT. She has starred in many web series. They only choose stories that family audiences can sit together and watch. Audiences are looking forward to seeing their performance in OTT.

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