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Irshadgul News report,

Girls at Ramsbottom School have been left in tears after teachers reportedly told their trousers were “too tight”.

Girls attending Woodhe High School were upset when they returned to class this month after claims they were told that their trousers were too distracting for boys.

It has been reported that parents who purchased trousers from an official uniform supplier did not meet the school’s uniform policy and students were asked to attend an emergency meeting to discuss the problem.

The Bolton Road West School website states that trousers should be plain black, tailored, suit style, bootcut, pleated or straight in design and not tight fit, lycra, jersey, stretch trousers, chinos, leggings or jeans.

A parent said on social media that they bought their daughters two pairs of trousers from an official uniform supplier.

But when they went to school they were told that the trousers were too tight and unsuitable.

It was claimed that the girls were told that they would be put under house arrest if they did not return with different trousers.

Students have also reportedly been threatened with excommunication but the school has vehemently denied the allegation.

The issue is also circulating on social media platform TikTok and students have talked about how they were allegedly “lined up and patted” by male and female teachers to check the tightness of trousers.

One father said that when he dropped his daughters off school, teachers stopped them, and were asked to lift their shirts to check their waistbands and felt the material on their trousers.

He said he went to school with other furious parents who were yelling and saying, “Don’t touch my daughter”.

Clar Tom Pilkington, who represents Ramsbottom, said: “Despite Woodhey High School belonging to the Shaw Academy Trust, as a local councilor I still have a meeting with the senior leadership team to discuss the current situation. Contacted the school.”

Responding to the claims, a Woodhey High School spokesperson said: “The school is unwaveringly clear about expectations for uniforms and has informed students and their families before and during the summer holidays.

“Where the uniform issues have not yet been resolved, the students concerned were spoken to, to reinforce the importance of following the school dress code.

“At no time were students threatened with excommunication, nor were students told that certain clothing was distracting to other students.

“We were shocked to hear the claims that students were patted and asked to lift their shirts to check trousers and can clarify that this is completely false and baseless.

“Where students were informed that their uniform was inappropriate, as if being too tight, this is in relation to the school’s new stronger enforcement of their uniform rule.

“These rules are directly related to fostering high standards of behavior and expectations, with the school’s dress code preparing students for the world of work.

“Ultimately this has a positive impact on the learning experience of students and improves their life chances.

“Details of suitable uniform items have been circulated to parents and caregivers and published on the school website.

“School leaders have worked closely with local uniform suppliers to ensure these styles are available to students and, in doing so, reduce the risk of those facing difficulties at the start of the new academic year. could.

“New head teachers are keen to work in partnership with parents and caregivers, who are encouraged to contact the school directly to raise any concerns, and to report any complaints to the school’s complaints policy. and will be addressed accordingly.

“Leaders want to continue to listen to parents and caregivers to continue working in partnership.”


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