Rana Sana’s warning to protestors on #RanaSana red zone IG News

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah termed Kisan Ittihad’s sit-in as unjustified and said that the law will be initiated against those marching towards the red zone.

According to the details, while talking to the media in Islamabad, the government is taking the legitimate demands of the farmers seriously, the demand to postpone the payment of the bills of tube wells has been accepted, a notification has also been issued, now the protest and sit-in of Kisan Etihad is illegal.

He said that the standing committee of the cabinet is working to reduce the agricultural tubewell electricity bills, the committee will sit again on Monday and will consider all the suggestions of the farmers.

Rana Sanaullah told the media that today in a meeting with Kisan Ittihad, he was informed about the situation that the red zone is a red line, no farmer, group or party is allowed to protest or sit in the red zone, legal action will be taken against those marching towards the red zone. i will come

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The Federal Interior Minister said that the Supreme Court also has clear orders that no protest can be held in the red zone

On the other hand, Chairman Kisan Ittihad Khalid Hussain Bath, while addressing the participants of the sit-in, said that ten days’ work is being done in one day thanks to the strength of the farmers. Rana Sanaullah offered to talk to the Prime Minister today. Rahithi Rana Sana will threaten the farmers.

Khalid Baath said that the Prime Minister has assured that the decree will be issued for the demands of the farmers on Monday. Avoid.



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