Rape seven-year-old girl! Arrest two IG News

Raiganj: The police of Itahar police station arrested two people in connection with the rape of a seven-year-old mute and deaf girl. According to police sources, the name of the arrested is Jigen Roy (Turi) (23), a resident of Nandan village. The name of the other is Ratan Roy (20). House in Ananta Kota of Naoda Village Panchayat of Hemtabad Police Station. The police have registered a case under the POCSO Act against the arrested. On Thursday afternoon, the arrested were taken to Raiganj District Court. The judge ordered seven days police custody of the accused. Raiganj’s POCSO Court Public Advocate Ajay Das said, ‘The accused have admitted their guilt before the judge. The judge ordered 7 days police custody.

The seven-year-old mute and deaf girl was accused of rape on Monday night. Locals found him lying on the side of the village road on Tuesday morning. After that the matter became known. The victim’s mother lodged a complaint with Itahar Police Station yesterday. The police are investigating if anyone else is involved in this incident.