Rashi Bhavishya: Today’s Rashi Prediction, You are expecting good news from this Rashi Kannada News | Rashi Bhavishya know your horoscope today from leo to scorpio on 27th may 2023 in kannada IG News

Are you a Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio? So what is your horoscope for today (May 27, 2023)? Is there gain, loss, auspiciousness, inauspiciousness? Here is the information about this.

Rashi Bhavishya: Today's Rashi Prediction, you are expecting good news from this Rashi


Good morning readers. Rashi predictions are different in everyone’s life. So what is the daily horoscope of some people as soon as they wake up in the morning? And at what time what to do and what not to do? Thus they see the eternal future along with the eternal almanac. So, know the information about today’s (May 27, 2023) Rasi horoscope, who will benefit, who will lose, good and bad luck.

Almanac: Shalivahana Shaka 1946, Shobhakrit Samvatsara, Uttarayana, Vasant Ritu, Vrishaba Masa, Mahanakshatra: Krittika, Month: Jyeshtha, Parsha: Shukla, Week: Shani, Tithi: Ashtami, Nitynakshatra: Ashlesha, Yoga: Dhruti, Karana: Bhadra, Sunrise 06 AM Hour 03 minutes, Sunset at 06 hours 55 minutes, Rahu time from 09:17 to 10:53, Yamaghand time from 02:06 to 03:42, Gulika time from 06:04 to 07:40.

lion: This day is naturally advanced. You will finish all your work on time. Memories of old days come and go one by one. Find a work-at-home job to control expenses or earn more. Phone calls from relatives will bother you but you will speak with a non-expressive mind. You will do repair work in an old house.

Virgo: Today there will be an indication that you will get more happiness in your marriage. Make things very complicated. A simple thought can make your tasks easier. There may be heated arguments between neighbors regarding land. It is better to follow the path of law. Do not give pleasure to unpleasant events. You will love children. You will make them happy by giving them what they want. Volatility in devotion is high.

Libra: It is good that you do not get angry at the workplace today. Financially you have to pay penalty. Get the right advice. You may suffer from stomach pain today. It disturbs your mental concentration in the work area. List your tasks for the day today. Otherwise time will be wasted and work will not be done. It will help to start new works also. Don’t go overdoing anything today. Let everything be within limits.

Scorpio: You will enthusiastically participate in auspicious activities on this day. Improve your health with food. There is some relief in spite of the setback in expected work. Don’t go hurting children’s minds. Your words will have an extreme effect. Accomplish your work wisely. Be careful in love affairs. There is a possibility of leaving. You should be prepared for unexpected turns today.


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