HomeBusinessRauf Hassan will be a big surprise in the by-elections.

Rauf Hassan will be a big surprise in the by-elections.

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Rauf Hassan: File photo

Pakistan’s spokesperson Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Rauf Hassan said he will try his best to create a big surprise in tomorrow’s by-elections. The internet was shut down on February 8th and it was promised that it would be shut down tomorrow as well.

While holding a press conference in Islamabad, Rauf Hasan said in the context of by-elections that ROs were created to sign blank documents and ROs who disagreed would be arrested and tortured.

Rauf Hassan also said that After the announcement of the by-election results There was a search. Cruel treatment of workers’ families has become commonplace.

The PTI leader said that Alia Hamza, Sanam Javed and Dr. Yasmin Rashid are in jail now. Alia Hamza is sick. She is infected with malaria and is not receiving treatment.

Rauf Hasan further said that a letter was written to the Chief Justice of Pakistan on the request of the PTI founder. References to Tosha Khana and other cases were also written in the letter.

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