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‘Ravana’ of ‘Shrimad Ramayana’ is a great devotee of Lord Shiva, he expressed his pride in being a ‘Sanatani’, he said – Now people can express themselves openly… IG News


Mumbai: One of the best actors in the entertainment industry, Nikitin Dheer made a lot of headlines by playing the character of Thangavali in Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Chennai Express’. After trying his luck in a few more films, Nikitin turned to the TV industry. These days Nikitin is seen in the role of ‘Ravana’ in ‘Shrimad Ramayana’. Nikita’s Dheer has once again come into limelight for this series. Meanwhile, the actor shared some stories about this series and himself and spoke openly about the atmosphere in the country.

Nikitin Dheer Speaking to ETimes, when Nikitin was asked about his daughter’s reaction to his look in Shrimad Ramayana, the actor revealed an interesting fact related to it. Talking about his character, the actor said that like Ravana, he is also a big devotee of Lord Shiva and also has a huge tattoo of Lord Shiva on his arm.

Speaking about Ravana’s own looks, Nikitin Dheer said, ‘People often judge others by their looks. Even though I’ve played a role like Thangaballi in Chennai Express or I’m clean shaven, no matter what I look like, some people still fear me. However, my one and a half year old daughter still loves me very much despite my appearance. Her reactions are a joy to me and have inspired me to prioritize my own happiness over the opinions of others, realizing that such judgments are simply part of my job.

Talking about his role as Ravana, he said, ‘To be honest, I feel like the role of Ravana was made for me. Like the universe made it for me. It’s something I’ve always wanted. Even though I kept the desire to play this character inside, I was always attracted to this role, I studied a lot to play this character. Interestingly, within 15 days of getting the Lord Mahadev tattoo, I got this role which I wanted for a long time.

Commenting on the audience’s enthusiasm for Puran’s stories, Nikitin Dheer said, “I think with the way things are going in the country right now, people are proud of the fact that they are Sanatans and Indians. I believe that in the current environment in our country, people are proud to identify themselves as Sanatans or Indians. People’s growing love for their culture and religion increases their desire to watch such content.

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