Record increase in the number of people going to study in US, US Embassy issued 90,000 student visas this summer IG News

New Delhi: The US Embassy in India has issued a record 90,000 student visas this summer (July-August). With this, almost one in four student visas issued worldwide is issued in India.

“The US Mission in India is pleased to announce that we issued a record number of more than 90,000 student visas this summer – June, July and August,” the US Embassy in India said in a post on social media . “Nearly one in four student visas worldwide were issued in India this summer.”

The US Embassy then congratulated the students who have chosen the United States to pursue their higher education goals.

Recently, United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti said that for the first time the waiting time for tourist visa interviews has been reduced by 50 percent and at least one million visas are to be issued in 2023.

Speaking at IIT Delhi, Garcetti highlighted the progress made in visa processing and said that the US Mission in India is currently processing visas faster than ever before.

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