Recruitment notification for 12 thousand posts of Kolkata Police very soon IG News

Puber’s Pen Correspondent: Big recruitment news is coming for the unemployed youth of Bengal. Because the search for filling more than 12 thousand vacancies of Kolkata Police has started. According to sources in Lalbazar, the recruitment circular is going to be published very soon.

Now the total number of approved posts in Kolkata Police is 35 thousand 609. But among them 23 thousand 268 are working in different positions of Kolkata Police. That means there are 12 thousand 341 vacancies. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself has made it clear that there are so many vacancies in an important department like the police.

In a meeting at Nabanna last Thursday, the Chief Minister directed that all police vacancies should be completed within the next 3 months. He asked the officials to complete this process quickly by threatening the officials. After that, the recruitment process within the Kolkata Police has intensified.

Calcutta Police has not appointed various posts for a long time. As a result, the number of sub-inspectors and constables is constantly decreasing. And since there are not enough workers and officials, the working workers and officials have to suffer. Some have to do duty for up to 20 hours straight. Number of sanctioned posts of Sub Inspector in Kolkata Police is 2 thousand 119. Out of this there are 200 posts for women. Only 1 thousand 526 people are currently working in that place. Among them 1 thousand 405 are male and the rest are female. That is, there are total 593 vacancies in sub inspector rank. Officers of the rank of sergeant are responsible for traffic management and various police station functions. According to Kolkata Police data, there is a shortage of 592 sergeant rank officers. Constables are required in the largest number in surveillance and patrolling. Recruitment to that position is naturally high. But now this rank has the highest number of vacancies in the Kolkata Police force. There are 23 thousand 497 approved posts of male and female constables. But now there are 8 thousand 656 posts lying vacant.

As such, it appears that 593 posts for the post of Sub Inspector will be announced in the recruitment notification which is going to be published by the Kolkata Police very soon. Again 592 posts will be highlighted for the post of Sergeant. Constable

The post has maximum recruitment potential. Because there are 8656 vacancies. Apart from this, 2500 people may be recruited for other posts. In all, Lalbazar is going to publish the notification for the recruitment of 12341 posts very soon.